Audience au Vatican


The work of French painter Henri Clarino belongs to the realistic figurative expressionist movement. Primarily a portraitist of private clients and members of European royal families, the work of painter Henri Clarino is in many private and public collections in Europe, including the Vatican. His long career as a portraitist is complemented by bucolic landscapes, marine, Ikebana and illuminations.

Awarded many prizes, Henri Clarino is the co-founder of the Prix Germaine Fournier. Member of the life of the European Academy of Art, and foreign correspondent of the Pontifical Academy of Fine Arts and Letters. Founded in 1542, the mission of the Pontifical Academy is today the presentation of exhibitions, conferences and publications of artists, poets and writers from all countries who have reached the peak of their art and are recognized for their values humanists, Christians.

Born in Cluses, Haute Savoie, France, Henri Clarino is born out of the Martinelli family that dates back to the 16th century and is home to many painters and craftsmen throughout the last four centuries. Impregnated with a passion for art at an early age, he studied the classics and then took over European law in Geneva. In the mid-1980s he devoted himself exclusively to painting.

His works have been, and are exhibited in Geneva, Paris Toulon, Copenhagen, London, Annecy, Clermont in Savoy, Chamonix, Brussels, Rome and USA. They are found in public and private collections, personalities, foundations and public and private institutions in Europe.

He is honored with numerous awards, distinctions and awards.